Bakery plan for Ewhurst Road

Cat Food is a small batch bakery trying to set up permanent home in Brockley. They are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to set up shop on Ewhurst Road and are half-way towards their £2,000 goal. They say:

Having moved kitchens 3 times in 2015, we need to move in to a permanent space of our own. We've found a property in Brockley which is absolutely PERFECT! Our vision is to use the space for our production baking during the week, as well as offering a few classes on baking, cooking and business. 

On weekends we'd like to be open to the public, allowing everybody to pop in for a coffee & a big slice of cake with us. 

The space is completely empty right now and needs a little bit of refurbishment. We need to install suitable flooring, plumbing in our sink & dishwasher, as well as some furnishings such as workbenches and shelving.  We've managed to secure the property and invest in some equipment, but need a £2000 boost to complete our project by May 2016. 

To support the Kickstarter, click here.


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