Lewisham Way crossings live to fight another day

Don't cross the people of Brockley. TfL have responded to the public consultation about the fate of traffic crossings on the A20 - the Algernon Road crossing at the foot of Loampit Hill will go but those on Lewisham Way will stay. They say:

Last year we held a consultation on a number of changes to the A20 between New Cross and Lewisham. We had nearly 200 responses.

We wanted to merge and relocate some of the crossings along this stretch of the road, and 63% of responses opposed these proposals. When we analysed the comments, most people expressed a need to keep the crossings by Lewisham Southwark College, Tressillian Road, St John’s station and St John’s Medical Centre. Due to the low use of the crossing by Algernon Road, and the new signalised crossing nearby at Jerrard Street we have decided the Algernon Road crossing can be removed. 

All the other crossings will remain in where they are and they will be upgraded over the next year (2015-16). This means all pedestrian crossings will be a common crossing type, and we will be able to link the signals with SCOOT control to ensure a smoother traffic flow. This will provide some benefits along this road for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Our proposals also included changes to the bus and cycle lanes, and changes to the side road junctions. The majority of people supported these proposals, so we will continue with these.

Thanks to everyone who sent this to me.


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