The Glowing Sea

A campaign has been launched to persuade Thames Water to reopen Nunhead Reservoir (next to Nunhead Cemetery) to the public after a fence was erected in 2014 to prevent vandalism. The petitioners, who've attracted 6,000 signatures already, say:

Nunhead Reservoir has one of the best views in South London. It has been a much loved picnicking spot, place to relax and hang out with friends for many years, and deserves to be officially opened so that everybody can enjoy it.

Thames Water can use some of the profit they make from their bill payers to supply bins and official entrances. Replant the trees they dug up and take down the ugly fence around the perimeter.

Whenever possible, we need to design and operate London for the benefit of the vast majority of responsible residents not the minority of idiots. A local beauty spot should not be lost for the want of a security guard, so please click here to sign the petition.


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