Deptford High Street pilots money-back app for parking

Deptford High Street is piloting a new app called MoreForMe that allows people to get money off their shopping in return for a minimum spend in local shops, offsetting local parking charges. Lewisham Council says:

"The free MoreForMe app, developed by Better Cities, can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet and works once an activation QR code has been scanned at stickers on the parking meters in Frankham Street or in participating stores. Shoppers can then shop at their favourite participating retailer, make the minimum purchase and scan the store QR code in the shop.

"The retailer will then give a discount off the purchase price to the shopper. Shoppers can continue the process in other participating stores on Deptford High Street, effectively wiping out their parking fee, with the added benefit of saving even more money, the more they spend.

"Current Deptford High Street retailers signed up to the initiative include: A.J. Goddards, Agege Bread & Bakers, Amber Tree Cafe, CakesNMore, Central Vape, Curtains by Iris - Textiles, Danny’s Pound Shop Plus, Debonaire Designer Couture, Deli X, Ebis Collections, Jenny’s Cafe, Johnny’s DIY & Building Supplies, Kims Newsagent, Lewisham & Deptford Sewing Machines, London Velo, Manze’s, Red Carpet Boutique, rhubarb&CUSTARD Cafe, Swag City, Terry’s Discount Store, The Albany Cafe, The Birds Nest Pub, The Lounge Café, Wünderlust at The Big Red."

"Cllr Rachel Onikosi, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm, said: ‘We want to support our traders and encourage more people to shop locally. We have collaborated with local retailers and Better Cities on this initiative, which we think is a win-win all round. The shopper benefits by saving money on their parking fee from their purchases and retailers benefit by having customers who visit, dwell and spend more.’"

While it's good to explore ways in which technology can improve our high streets, using public funds to encourage people to drive to a local high street feels like a retrograde step in many ways. But it will be interesting to see whether the app gets used and the model pays dividends for local retailers.

Thanks to Brockley Kate for the heads-up.


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