GoodGym Lewisham

BCer Adele wants to tell you about her running group GoodGym, a real-life version of Zombies Run - only instead of rebuilding your base in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you do odd-jobs around Lewisham. She writes:

There's now a whole new way of getting fit while doing good in the borough of Lewisham, with GoodGym. We run in groups to help out local community groups, charities and public spaces, with our weekly run meeting at Glass Mill at 6:45pm on a Monday evening.

We started our group runs in Lewisham on January 18th and have had lots of interest, both from participants and organisations. Anyone can come along and you can sign up on our website here.

If you are part of a community group who might need our help, here are some examples of tasks we complete:

- Gardening, weeding and clearing parks or open spaces
- Moving heavy furniture or items
- Painting, sanding or decorating
- Tidying communal areas
- Setting up for events


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