Indoor market and small cinema planned for Ladywell development

Pop-up development PLACE / Ladywell has an irritating name and would be better as a permanent structure rather than messing around as a temporary building, but by God, the team behind it know how to give the people what they want - and are planning an indoor market and small cinema on site. They say:

We will manage the Ground floor as affordable mixed-use spaces with a focus on making and selling.

We will also be creating opportunities for an indoor market for start up retail, some independent retail units, a community café and maker spaces. A long consultation period uncovered a strong desire within the local community for a cinema / screening space of some sort.

The space will come with a basic fit out to allow for this but it is expected that adaptations may need to be made by the eventual operator of the space. We would like any interested parties to get in contact with us for further discussions on what may be possible within the space available.

There will be around 50 square metres of space allocated from May 2016 – 2019, with possible extension of up to 5 years on the same site. The space may also come partially furnished depending on budget. Lease terms are negotiable. The building will be brand new and tenants will benefit from being able to have early influence in the way the spaces are set up and managed to creative create a strong supportive community of space users.

If you are interested in operating the cinema, click here for details. With thanks to Paul.


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