Diamond City

While New Cross wrestles with rubbish dumps, Lewisham developers are imagining a future where Emporio Armani sits side by side with Maggie's Cafe. Jessica writes:

I was looking at the hoardings surrounding the Lewisham Gateway building site and I think the designer doing the artist's impression may have confused the people of Lewisham with those of Kensington...a Giorgio Armani shop has been 'visualised' in the retail space underneath the flats.

It made me laugh, and then made me wonder whether the developers actually envisage this type of retail unit in place? Or is it 'aspirational' - why include a name such as that at all (probably to sell it to overseas investors?). 

Given the pace of change in Greater Brockley, nothing is impossible and I am aware of at least one developer operating in South East London who fancies their chances of bringing very high-end fashion brands to their masterplan, but even I can't imagine Armani in SE13.

It does, however, prompt the question: What kind of brands would we like to see attracted to Lewisham when the work is done?


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