A good jumble is hard to find

Men's sales activist Mark writes:

Good Jumble has been running in the South East for a couple of years and has a good following now, but they do not cater for men. I have a large selection of clothes that are in good condition but do not fit any more due to weight loss. I contacted the lady running Good Jumble and asked about the next one in April at St Hilda's and was told 'sorry no men'. 

A neighbour who was at the last Good Jumble said that one lady had half a table of men's clothes and these were the first things to go. 

I was wondering if you could ask the fellow Brockley residents if this is something that think would be good to set up to cater for the men. It would run on the same principles as Good Jumble, good quality brands, no Primark. 

Please can I get people's feedback on this thread.


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