Anti-gentrifiers scorn social housing

Too good for the likes of us - Protesters don't want any of that sort of thing round here
The laser-guided missiles of the anti-gentrifiers have struck again - this time targeting the Yuppie scum who will be living the temporary social housing and enterprise hub that Lewisham Council has erected on the site of the former Ladywell pool.

That'll teach the Council to try and inject any colour or whimsy into emergency housing - or to encourage local employment in the borough.

A reminder, here's what the Council hopes this development will provide: "24 homes for local people in housing need, as well as eight ground-floor non-residential units for community and/or business use. All units exceed the current space standard requirements by 10%, helping the Council to meet an existing shortfall in both high quality temporary and two-bed accommodation whilst it develops new build and estate regeneration programmes for the Ladywell site and others."

Wait till the mob gets wind of the quislings trying to build their own homes along communitarian lines just up the road.

Thanks to Ed for the photo.