What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the Deptford Way?

People keep sending me this promotion that's currently running in the Standard, with the expectation that I can post it and we can all laugh about it. But I don't really see the joke.

Deptford's a great area and a weekend in a nice apartment, mooching around local bars and cafes sounds like a decent prize to me. Of course, the copy is laden with cringe-inducing buzzwords, but no more so than usual.

Once, Greater Brockley's collective grievance was that the media and the rest of the world overlooked this area, or worse, turned its nose up at what we had to offer. Now, you can't move for features about Peckham, Nunhead, Deptford, et al and we laugh at the things they celebrate, which we hurry past every day.

The prize itinerary includes Wunderlust, The Amersham Arms, The Albany and Manze's pie and mash shop. These may be pedestrian delights, but I'd take it over a VIP night out at Britain's Got Talent any day.


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