New homes to replace Brockley Road car lot

Brockley was once one large dumping ground for cars, pockmarked with hardscrabble scraps of land that served as car dealerships, garages or impromptu van hire car parks. Gradually, through better enforcement, new road layouts and developers' thirst for places to build housing, these spots are disappearing. That is good, but what follows is not always.

The car lot at 196 Brockley Road has recently been cleared and it appears this is what is to replace it: A four storey building comprising six flats.

It is fair to say that Brockley does not do corner sites well. It may have lost something in the artist's translation but this is pig ugly. Aesthetics are somewhat subjective, but not *that* subjective.

Once, the developer wanted to build a restaurant at this location, which would have had the effect of stretching the high street, but Lewisham Council said that they didn't think it was a suitable location. So now we have this. Thanks Lewisham.

With thanks to Paul for the spot.


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