Brockley GLA Member Darren Johnson retires

Darren Johnson (centre)
Darren Johnson, who has served Brockley as a local Councillor and as a Member of the Greater London Assembly, will be retiring from politics in May ahead of the Mayoral election.

He celebrated his departure from politics at a party with fellow Green-retiree, Jenny Jones, this week. Both had served in the London Assembly for 16 years.

He will also be leaving London, having bought a place in Hastings with partner and former Brockley Councillor Dean Walton.

Darren was one of the good guys - someone who blended ideological principle with pragmatism and a willingness to reflect others' viewpoints. He is a loss to local politics. He says:

"It was an honour and a privilege representing the people of Brockley all those years as a local councillor, as it has been representing the people of London at City Hall."


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