People all over Crofton Park, join a bike train

You don't have to be fed up with trains to want to cycle to work, you just need a shower in your workplace and a bike. But if you are fed up with the Crofton Park-Blackfriars service (a circuitous trundle through South London, even at the best of times) then a new "bike train" group ride is for you. The LewiCyclists say:

Are you fed up with unreliability of the trains that run from Sevenoaks through Catford and Crofton Park to Blackfriars? 

If so, and you can ride a bike, there is a reliable and cheaper alternative. Cycle commuting. If you have never felt confident to attempt this alone, a group of experienced London cyclists from Lewisham and Southwark Cyclists have set up Bike Train. 

We will sort the route for you, lead you up to Blackfriars and help negotiate the motor traffic. The first one is on Wednesday 30th March. Meeting between Catford and Catford Bridge stations on Adenmore Rd at 7.40 to ride to Crofton Park. Pick up in Crofton Park at the crossroads of Buckthorne Rd and Eddystone Rd just a few yards south of the station at 7.55am. 

Then riding on to join Southwark Cyclists behind Rye Lane Station at 8.10 before riding up to Blackfriars where we expect to arrive at 8.45am.

For more details, click here.


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