Rivoli negotiations update

The impressively organised team hoping to organise a Rivoli Ballroom revival have provided another update on their progress:

"On Tuesday, a small core group met up to discuss the Rivoli and work out how best to proceed. We will be having a meeting with Bill, the owner next week to see if he is willing to cut a deal. We aim to see if he is willing to accept some sort of equity deal/ fundraising donation/ lease, to make the deal possible. We shall report back from this meeting, which will probably decide whether there is a project at all."

Critical issues include the condition of the building and its roof, the terms of its alcohol license, accessibility, potential partnership structures and fund raising.

While there are huge - possibly insurmountable - hurdles to be overcome, the detailed and lucid way in which the campaigners have set out their ideas and begun investigating options, is extremely encouraging.

We hope to bring you more on their progress in the coming weeks.

With thanks to Moira.


patrick1971 said...

I really hope this group is able to save the Ballroom.

I went past one night last week (Thursday/Friday) and there was a HUGE queue of people outside; wonder what was going on? Proof that it can still pull the crowds.

What's the problem with the alcohol licence?

nobbly brick said...

I went to the Jive night a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it was the best, most invigorating evening I've spent for some time.

Great very mixed crowd, great music, great dancing and booze not expensive.

Long may it live!!!

Anonymous said...

I have had a quick look at recent posts and it seems nobody has mentioned Brockley's new found fame yet!!!

There was a ten minute feature on the Rivoli Ballroom last night. James has obviously got some good powers of persuasion!! It was aired at 7.30pm on Inside Out London (BBC 1). There were a number of interviews (including James and owner Bill) and loads of videos of the place packed out with dancers of all ages. Just wanted to let everybody know that you can watch it on BBC iplayer. It is about 10 mins before the end of the show.

Well done James and the team!!!

James UBR. (Sorry forgot password)

Polite request said...

Someone please post the link.

Anonymous said...

I don't if this will work as I am not really a blog techy and don't really know how to do the tinyurl things...although probably a good time to learn! But until then:


If not, just go to BBC iplayer. Select "Channels". "BBC 1". "Wednesday 29th". "Inside Out London".

James UBR

Anonymous said...


Polite request said...

Thank you kindly

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