Lewisham increases localities fund to £25,000 per ward

We'll write about this in more detail when we have the time, but we just received this news from Lewisham Council:

Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, will be awarding £50k over the next two years to every ward in the borough to help deliver substantial improvements to local neighbourhoods.

Sir Steve Bullock, said: "More than anything, I want to create a fair and flexible fund with the potential to benefit all communities in all areas. I encourage everyone in Lewisham to make a difference by getting involved in their local assembly and help decide how this money can be spent."

The Mayor’s Fund, is in addition to the £10k each ward currently receives through the Localities Fund. It will be available to local assemblies over two years with £25k being made available in 2008/9 and a further £25k being made available in 2009/10. Should assemblies choose, these funds may be pooled to create a larger pot of money for delivery of a single or multiple projects.

Suggestions on how to spend the money can come from residents, local community groups or community organisations. However, all suggestions need to be presented through the relevant local assembly and must help deliver priorities they have helped to identify.Information about local assemblies and how to get involved can be found on the Council’s website: