Healthy Brockley workshops

The chirpy team at Healthy Brockley (run by Brockley Community Church) are running a range of workshops this Sunday (5th October), and are keen for BC readers to come along.

The event will take place at Brockley Primary School, Brockley Rd from 12 til 3.30pm.

Among the treats on offer are:

- 'The How of Happiness' with mental health worker Sherry Clark & Brockley Community Church's Andy Parnham

- A local history walk led by Des Kirkland of BXAG

- 'How to Drug-Proof your Kids' by Mickey Bailey of Christian drug education charity Hope UK

- 'Laugh your Way to Happiness' with Cathy Collymore, a 'laughter coach'.

The church is also offering free massage sessions and smoothies all afternoon, along with stalls and other activities.