Train overcrowding consultation

Thanks to Barry, who draws our collective attention to the fact that the London Assembly Transport Committee have announced a public consultation on overcrowding on overground rail services.

See and for more details.

They say:

The Committee is keen to hear from people who use overground rail to commute. Please send us your experiences - particularly around being unable to board full trains at certain London stations, and how much space is available on the trains you travel on.

Please send your overcrowding experiences to or write to them at: London Assembly Transport CommitteePP10 / 6th Floor City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA


Anonymous said...

Interested in this, given the impossible time we had trying to persuade the relevant bodies that there would be problems at NXG when the ELL closed - but the links don't seem to work. Could you expand or clarify.


Anonymous said...

Neither of the links work and I couldn't find any info about this. I think it could be quite interesting since you sometimes can't even get on the trains at Brockley but is it real?

Bea said...

Here's a link to the Transport Committee's website which also has a link to the team's email address:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that's great.

patrick1971 said...

Yet another consultation about overcrowding! What's to consult? This information is surely already known; indeed, on this blog a while back someone posted a link to a very recent rail capacity & planning report for south London, which had a map showing the most congested sections. Seems like this is a classic Sir Humphrey "when in doubt, refer to committee", and a substitute for any actual action.

Sorry to be a cynic. But the solutions are fairly obvious, given that the network is pretty much operating at full capacity. They involve a mixture of tax breaks for companies with a certain percentage of homeworkers, incentives for companies to move away from a 9-5 working model and allow employees to do 7-3 or 11-7, etc. Also investment in signalling to allow more trains, train refurbishment so it's all transverse seating, the removal of first class and possibly even a tax on firms who employ too many people from outside Zones 1-6.

"Consultation" is an excuse for doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

A relatively simple short-term fix for the additional problems caused in New Cross Gate by the closure of the East London Line would have been to temporarily re-timetable the trains that now sweep through if not half empty at least with standing room in them to do one extra stop - but despite being asked again and again by users and Joan Ruddock the rail operator refused to acknowledge that they should perhaps be part of a solution to what they said was a London Undergroun problem.

This consultation at least gives us a chance to complain at an official and quite high level about that non-cooperation.

Anonymous said...

hopefully Boris will sack all the consultation teams.

what utter rubbish and job creation schemes.

in common with every line into a main London station, the line is busy at peak hours.

that's all there is to know.

get on with it.

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