New fresh food shop planned for West Brockley

For some time, we've been hoping to bring you full details of the new fresh food store, opening in West Brockley. It's a been a bit of an open secret that the owners of the Broca are planning a new shop on Mantle Road and we've been hoping to get a short interview with Erin about her plans.

They're not ready to talk yet, but since the shop is already being widely discussed here we've decided to create a thread.

The Broca was the business that kick started the rejuvenation of Brockley central. While there were already a number of good, well-established businesses in Brockley, the Broca led a wave of new entrepreneurs who raised the bar for what we could expect from our local neighbourhood. Good food and drink, great atmosphere, attention to detail and a passion for the local community - the Broca has hosted everything from writing clubs to art exhibitions and they got the Hilly Fields Fun Run off the ground earlier this year.

That's why it's so exciting that they are expanding. Never mind the macroeconomic meltdown, the Broca team know the area and their customers and are confident enough to take the plunge. They know the market and it's our understanding that they will be offering a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are in tragically short supply locally - the cynics who ask "why do we need another food shop" obviously don't know the difference between a baguette and a banana.

It's also great news for West Brockley, which missed out on the last wave of activity and which still has too many empty retail units.

We hope that the Broca team will soon tell us about their plans in full, but for the meantime, Erin has sent us some details of something else she's involved with - the Christmas market. We'll be writing about that shortly.