PowerPramming in Hilly Fields

PowerPramming has recently launched in Hilly Fields. If you don't know what PowerPramming is, it's likely that you don't need to know, but it's basically jogging and with babies. The classes also include post-natal exercises, so you get a good, all-round workout.

Still in its first month, the Thursday morning class has doubled in size as word of mouth has spread.

One mum we spoke to about it said:

"If you're looking for a simple way to get out of the house and back in to exercise, then I'd recommend it, particularly as it's such a lovely setting. But a word of caution, it's not easy with two kids!"

Classes cost £5 and you can find more details here.


The Cat Man said...

As in babies where the mother/father carries them or pushes them in a pram? That sounds kind of dangerous!

Innovative idea though, hope it succeeds. Just make sure you have insurance in place in case anything happens.

Anonymous said...

OMG....will we see yummy mummies and proud dads in rugby shirts (with collar turned up natch) sprinting round in those expensive mega off road prams?

(ignore me, I'm taking the piss in a gentle way)

Anonymous said...

I was over at Hilly Fields playground over the weekend, I really hope we get the money applied for. The place could be so much better.

Richard Elliot said...

Running Mummies does a similar thing in Blackheath.

@ Cat Man - you were going downhill or on the flat quickly I agree. Going uphill is better exercise for you and slower, therefore, safe for the babies.

Anonymous said...

why on earth does it cost a fiver? do they provide lunch? Surely HF is not so big you need a map or marshalling or flags or 'owt?

Anonymous said...

Same reason as people pay £40 an hour to see a personal trainer in the gym, I guess. Motivation.

Anonymous said...

5 quid to be told how to jog with a pram? What credit crunch?!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are unsure of what Powerpramming is all about, it’s so much more than just running round the park for an hour. The exercise programme is lead by a fully qualified fitness instructor and the running is broken up with other exercises such as squats, stomach crunches and work with fitness bands. It’s a real workout, but with a lot of the pain taken away by the company and the enjoyment factor.
Most of us go out for lunch after the class and the odd night out here and there too. I have met loads of other mums, my baby gets to hang out with other kids and my wobbly baby belly has almost gone. To my mind it’s well worth the price. I go to the Ladywell Fields class on a Tuesday but someone who runs other classes in the area has also trained us and she was really good too.

Niki - Lower Sydenham

Emily said...

Powerpramming is fantastic. It has succeeded where my numerous New Year resolutions have failed miserably.

My fiver is well spent - I wouldn't and couldn't do it if it wasn't for the expert tuition we get. Strangely I'm now fitter than I was before I had my second child!

The best thing, apart from the lovely friends, the baby blues well and trully banished, the local gossip - whats on in Brockley, Lewisham and Ladywell, are the fantastic views from Hilly Fields.

So, want good company and an excellent workout? Come and join us. You would be very welcome.

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