Rivoli negotiations update

The impressively organised team hoping to organise a Rivoli Ballroom revival have provided another update on their progress:

"On Tuesday, a small core group met up to discuss the Rivoli and work out how best to proceed. We will be having a meeting with Bill, the owner next week to see if he is willing to cut a deal. We aim to see if he is willing to accept some sort of equity deal/ fundraising donation/ lease, to make the deal possible. We shall report back from this meeting, which will probably decide whether there is a project at all."

Critical issues include the condition of the building and its roof, the terms of its alcohol license, accessibility, potential partnership structures and fund raising.

While there are huge - possibly insurmountable - hurdles to be overcome, the detailed and lucid way in which the campaigners have set out their ideas and begun investigating options, is extremely encouraging.

We hope to bring you more on their progress in the coming weeks.

With thanks to Moira.