Dead wood

We received this plea for help from reader Nicola, who would like some advice from other readers:

"I live in Wickham Gardens, we share half of the square with a very well kept estate including buildings Elm Tree House, Lime Tree House and Holly Tree House. To the back of our property have been a number of very mature and wild Sycamore trees that provide both the estate and ourselves a welcome bit of green when looking through our windows.

"However, the contractors managing the estate, Pinnacle have decided that mature trees on the estate aren't a good idea and have (and are currently in the process) of felling 10 + of these mature trees. So, we have lost the green and gained more noise from Brockley road and a view into each others kitchens and bedrooms, joy!

"I have spoken to Lewisham planning dept who tell us that there is no requirement for planning permission to fell trees outside of the conservation area. I just find this outrageous that the Council can happily fell mature trees (yes Sycamores but trees none the less, we also lost 2 willows in the process as they were in the same area being cleared).

"I would be interested in posting this story to your blog to highlight the ease in which our environment in SE4 can be altered and not always for the best. I have spoken to Darren Johnson our Brockley Ward Councillor and he is very supportive of our outcry, however they trees are now gone and even replanting will not replace them sufficiently.

"So, rant over. I really just want to publicise what's happened and find out if anyone else has had a similar experience in SE4, are they able to provide info on our rights etc."