Brockley in the eye of the storm [Updated]

Tomorrow morning, BBC Breakfast News will tear itself away from the unfolding global economic drama to concentrate on the fate of Brockley Road.

While researching the rapid proliferation of betting shops in the UK, they came across this blog's coverage of the Homeview controversy and got in touch. The next day, they were being shown around Brockley Road by leading local campaigner Glenda Rodgers and Cllr Sue Luxton, who were both interviewed for the piece.

Needless to say, it's too late to make a difference to this particular case, but if our example helps to make a difference to other communities, then perhaps that some consolation for those who opposed Portland Bookmakers.

Glenda says:

"Our case has set a precedent for Britain where Councils will be afraid not to grant a licence because they don't have enough money to lose an appeal to their decision in court. Residents should keep an eye out for Change of Use signs for Commercial Premises from A1 to A2. It's good to write in opposing A2 use if you do not wish to have a betting shop on that site. A2 includes banks, real estate agents and bookies amongst a few other things."

And if Lewisham Council is watching, perhaps they will concur that our High Street could do with a makeover.

Update: Cllr Luxton writes - "It should be going out on the hour on BBC1 Breakfast news bulletins tomorrow morning. Cllr Ute Michel and Glenda are hopefully doing a live studio discussion too."