A belated thank you to everyone who voted for Brockley Central in the New Statesman New Media Awards.

We didn't get to the Final, not least because the Awards are primarily interested in sites doing something more innovative than writing about what's going on.

But the kind words written by so many of you in support of our nomination mean more than any multi-million pound buy-out that would have inevitably followed victory ever could. And hey, doesn't that mean that we're all the real winners?


Brockley Monkeyboy said...

Is this where we demand to see the constitution so that the spoils can be shared amongst the most prolific contributors? Off course it does meant that Andy will be up for a few grand but no system is perfect.

Perhaps there's a clause that implies that 'Brockley' has to appear before your name?

Brockley Anonymous said...

Glad I could be of service.

Richard said...

No problem at all

drakefell debaser said...

Although you did not get to the final, BC has the 3rd most comments attached to its nomination. Surely that is more indicative.

I had no idea about the vote but well done, like the other comments, this blog has become an daily routine and Brockley is the first place, in London, that I have been aware of a community. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Brockley is the first place, in London, that I have been aware of a community. Brilliant.

11 October 2008 18:50

where did this come from? facts figures to back?
There are community's all over london, both british and multi-national...get yourself out once in a while you might even meet real people....

osh said...

He/she said the first place they were aware of - it's a personal observation. It doesn't need backing up.

Telegraph Hill Tamsin said...

Drakefell Road is unfortunately on the borders but anyone in Telegraph Hill should be aware of the community unless they go around all year with their eyes shut to the posters that used to be on the trees and have never been to the Centre. Whether they engage with it or not is a different issue.

What is great about this blog, though, is that it creates a community out of those who have to work to pay the mortgage. Previous to the on-line revolution it was only once you got out and about in the streets with a dog or or a child that you become aware of a community in your neighbourhood and got to chatting and exchanging views. (Or if there is a major planning issue that brings people together in a wave of nimbyism.)

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