Brockley Cross Action Group concern over Common materials

The South London Press today covers the concerns of Brockley Cross Action Group, which fears that the first phase of the long-awaited Brockley Common project that will improve accessibility to Brockley Station, will use ersatz materials in its construction:

"When work started last week they [BXAG] were shocked to discover Lewisham council planned to use cheap “concrete and tarmac” for the job. Lewisham has admitted it will not be using the materials that the residents wanted but claims tarmac will definitely not be used.

"BXAG trustee Stuart Woodin said: “We have waited a long time for this. “This is the ramp phase of the project and we chose really good-quality surfacing and steps – even negotiating a good deal with suppliers. But the council just want to use tarmac and concrete and it’s disappointing because we were always promised a high- quality scheme. “The council has failed to share its costings with us so we don’t know how much extra needs to be raised. We have been asking for 18 months."

The article references a petition against the changes, which has been signed by 130 people. Unfortunately, we don't know if there's an online version of the petition, but please feel free to post your views here and we will pass them on to the relevant people - if they haven't already seen them...


Anonymous said...

Form over function...

The Cat Man said...

Not surprised. I would imagine the council might even make a saving on this with left over funds going to some worthy project such as additional 'digi-cams'.

This council is such a joke. I mean, I'm surprised they even know where to turn up for work.

nobbly brick said...

Again, totally unsurprising. The Council do this on many of the projects they have to get involved in - ignore the requests, and needs, of the residents. This is small scale of course (but I'm not minimising the importance of the project) but this happens on large scale projects as well - the Loampit Vale project, if it progresses, will be ultimately disappointing, and the Gateway is doomed to be a shambles even at planning stage.

Why? Because the Council have no concern for the Borough but they have a big concern for supporting corporate business - well, supporting isn't the correct word, 'being shafted by corporate business' would be nearer the mark.

The Council is too concerned with it's own self-constructed importance than to take the trouble to do things properly.

Jesus H Christ said...

I'm not sure I see the problem. Residents commitee complain over use of tarmac, Council assures commitee that tarmac will not be used.

Is it so audacious that in a time of recession, redundancy and companies going into administration that the council may wish to get the most value for its cash rather than piss funds up the wall on "artisan" materials and associated consultative costs?

Brockley needs to pull its head out of its arse, pronto.

Brockley Kate said...

Wasn't the extra money for the materials coming from BXAG?

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