Goldsmiths' Top Buzz

Peter from Goldsmiths sent us this article, which suggests the institution - and the nightlife of New Cross - has a solid future, no-doubt bolstered by the presence of a Royal in their midst:

Goldsmiths, University of London, has ranked second out of all the UK’s universities in a new league table which measures what is being said about them in online blogs.

The data was compiled to measure how different universities’ reputations are faring on the internet, and Goldsmiths has shone in the rankings which are said to reflect the level of ‘online buzz’ about each institution.

The research, which was compiled by Portfolio Communications is based on an analysis of the content of almost 4,000 sites.

Mark Westaby, the firm's director of online reputation management, told the Times Higher Education the statistics provide an accurate picture of the “volume and tone of online buzz” that institutions are generating.

“The first place that students look for information is the web, and it's natural that this is where the vast majority will get information when choosing a university,” he said.

“The same is true for a business that might be looking to forge a relationship with an academic institution.

“But while universities are putting a lot of emphasis on their official websites, they must not forget that social media, such as blogs and online reviews, are just as, if not more, important; and understanding what these are saying about a university - and its competitors - is critical if it is to succeed in what is now a very crowded environment.”