Rorschach test

Nurse: He's not himself right now, his uncle has Hodgkins
Larry: Yeah, but it's the good Hodgkins.

Nurse: I didn't know there was a good Hodgkins.
Larry: I'm not saying it's a great Hodgkins. It's a good Hodgkins.

According to a recent study in the US, people who are more fearful are also more likely to be right wing. The researcher explained his findings as follows:

"You have people who are experiencing the world, who are experiencing threat, differently. It's just that we have these very different physiological orientations. We're not sure where they came from, they may be genetic, they may be something from childhood; we do know, though, that they run deep because it's a reflex, it's not something you can change tomorrow, the depth of that may be something of an asset in figuring out why people are so stubborn in their political beliefs."

This phenomenon may help to explain why one person visiting Brockley Central could conclude that everyone on the site is a bourgeois interloper determined to evict the noble working classes from a land that is rightfully theirs, while simultaneously, another reader is able to conclude that everyone on the site is a simple-minded, tree hugging fool, who needs to understand a little less and condemn a little more.

So that we can understand one another a little better, we'd like to carry out some local research.

Here is the site of the former pub, the Maypole, just west of Brockley Station. The hoardings shielding the vacant construction site have fallen over and the army of digicam wielding Samaritans that patrol our streets must have missed it.

When you look at it - remembering that the pub was demolished to make way for the Glasshouse development - do you see:

A) Another example of the shameful betrayal of working class culture, sacrificed to the gods of property speculation, worshipped in Bliar's Britain?

B) Another example of the inevitable decline of Britain, the hoardings no-doubt torn down by feral youth - no wonder everyone is emigrating to the Philippines?

C) Another example of the current property slump and something that needs tidying up until they start construction, but we're not sorry to see the back of the Maypole which was a pretty dreadful place. Which all just goes to show how appreciative we should be that the Broca has started up a useful new shop nearby, to bring a bit of sunshine to Mantle Road?

We're plumping for C.