Christmas Tree Recycling in Lewisham

Courtesy of Lewisham Council, who are careful to reassure us that Christmas is great...

Residents in Lewisham can once again recycle their Christmas trees once the 12th Night arrives.

Last year over 7,000 Christmas trees were collected, mulched and used for compost in Lewisham’s parks.Councillor Susan Wise, Cabinet Member for Customer Services, said:

“Christmas is great, but many people may not be sure what to do with their old Christmas trees when they take them down.

"Last year Lewisham recycled over seven thousand Christmas trees – that’s amazing! We would love people to think ‘green’ again this year by taking their trees to any of the collection points around the borough and have their tree recycled.”

Residents can leave their Christmas trees at the following points for collection, from 27 December to the last week of January:

SE4 Hilly Fields - entrance in Hilly Fields Crescent
SE8 Deptford Park - entrance in Scawen Road
SE14 Telegraph Hill - Pepys Road/Kitto Road entrance
SE3 Talbot Place - Blackheath
SE13 Mountsfield Park - entrance top of George Lane
SE26 Sydenham Wells Park - entrance Wells Park Road
SE6 Forster Memorial Park - entrance top of Whitefoot Lane
SE12 Northbrook Park - Baring Road entrance
SE23 Mayow Park - entrance in Mayow Road
SE12 Chinbrook Meadows, Amblecote Road
SE13 Manor House Gardens, Old Road entrance


Anonymous said...

Ah, very convenient for me. Cheers Lewisham CC for putting it in a nice part of Brockley.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they collect them more promptly than they did last year - leaving two large patches of dead grass behind them!

Anonymous said...

It would be better if they did a street collection. Every year people dump them outside their houses in January and they get left for months on end.

Anonymous said...

Some roads in Brockley would become inpassable if we had to climb over discarded Xmas trees as well as the bins and fly-tipping that we usually have to cope with!!!

Tressilliana said...

One of the highlights of the New Year for us is watching the tree mountain grow*. Archaeologists in millennia to come will vie with each other to explain away the pine needles in an area with no other sign of an evergreen forest.

*Yes, we are very sad.

Anonymous said...

We used to always get a christmas tree shoved through our letterbox when Ken was mayor.

Anonymous said...

We decorated the house plant, so no pine needles or tree to recycle and I get a unique and stylish 'tree' to boot. A top tip courtesy of the pages of The Ecologist magazine,

Anonymous said...

YOu're missing th point. Xmas is about unbounded greed and conspicuous comsumption.

Anonymous said...

We have a sort of conical woven basket thing with lights which is quite handy, bit like a flashing shrimp basket. I must remember to get it out the loft this evening as the other half is starting to moan quite a bit now with my lack of Christmas spirit. The plus side is we never need a tree.

I quite like Pestos idea of the house plant though and might try that next year for a bit of a change.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to put fairy lights on our palm tree instead of buying a tree, but this has been vetoed.

Monkeyboy said...

Hmmm...palm tree? Not very traditional, I trust you have a licence from the Home Office in order to deviate from pine or synthetic variants thereof?

The Cat Man said...

Spoken like a true cult member.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

If we're comparing tree stories...
When I was a child we lived on the scarp slope of the Cotswolds overlooking Gloucester from the south. My Dad was ex-army so we had a flagpole in our garden. Come Christmas he used to run up a bunch of wires with large coloured light bulbs to the top and stake them out into a cone shape. From the distance the effect was of a huge, perfectly shaped Christmas tree on the dark hill-side. Magic!

Tressillian James said...

My father is American (from Texas) - so bedecked the house in glowing colorful lights, a Santa with reindeer, and large glowing candles by the front door.As this was the 70s, and still unusual, people used to bring their kids to see it each year. My brother and sisters and I, after the age of about 7 and having taken the genes of our very English mother, used to slink out the back door and keep very quiet if the other kids mentioned the 'Christmas house' at school.

John Taylor said...

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Anonymous said...

Christmas Decorations makes our home beautiful and bright more than normally seen.

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