Unreal Brockley drinks

It's been a long time coming but finally BC managed to organise our fourth drinks evening, which took place on Tuesday night. Being so near to Christmas we weren't hoping to match the numbers that attended past events, but we were gratified that some of you turned out. It was especially good to meet some of those mysterious anonymii. Also many thanks to Richard from Jam Circus for his unstinting hospitality - definitely one of the area's most welcoming proprietors.

The event was considerably enlivened by a chap* who, on being introduced to us, expressed incredulity that we 'knew each other off the internet' and insisted that we couldn't be 'real Brockley' as he had never seen any of us before. Perhaps this marks the start of a new quest for BC - the search for the Real Brockley. Suggestions and nominations welcome ... As well as an answer to the question: How does one know when one has found The Real Brockley?

* = Hello, if you're reading!