St John's 20mph zone consultation

St John's residents have been asked their views about the 20mph traffic-calming zone covering their area. The consultation document makes some impressive claims for the traffic speed reductions the zone's achieved since its introduction in 2002:

Albyn Road - 29mph > 19mph
Ashmead Road - 27mph > 15mph
Cranbrook Road - 31mph > 19mph
St Johns Vale 30mph > 21mph

The document explains further changes are likely:

"Lewisham Council is reviewing the 20mph speed zone, which was introduced to your area in 2002. The reduced speed limit is displayed on sign posts at all the entry points to the zone and traffic speeds are restricted by features such as road humps, speed cushions and speed tables.

"We intend to carry out some minor modifications to the zone and welcome your views on any local concerns you may have. The work carried out will be dependant on priorities identified through this consultation, consultation with the emergency services and financial constraints.

The deadline for feedback is December 19th.