Brockley Central Zeitgeist

It's that time of year when Google unveils its annual Zeitgeist report - a compilation of their search data - providing such piercing insights as "a lot of people used Facebook in 2008."

Brockley Central uses Google Analytics to measure where traffic is coming from, enabling us to do the same thing, on a local level. So, removing the search terms Brockley Central, Brockley Blog and Brockley Central Blog, this is the 2008 top 30 search terms that brought people to the site, highlighting the eternal struggle in SE4 between the chattering classes (number 3) and the kebab monsters (number 7). Make of this list what you will:

1. Brockley
2. Talbot
3. Chattering
4. Brockley Jack
5. Gogi Brockley
6. Neu
7. Kebab
8. Portland Bookmakers Abbey Wood
9. Brockley Lido
10. Maypole Brockley
11. Jam Circus
12. Degustation Brockley
13. Ladywell Tavern
14. Builder
15. The Shop on the Hill SE4
16. Budgens Crofton Park
17. Dangerous Wickham
18. Society
19. Chai's Garden Restaurant SE4
20. Ecosium
21. Dandelion Blue
22. City Noodles
23. Brockley London
24. Lewisham Gateway
25. Peter James
26. Myatt Garden
27. Brockley Central Love Their Traffic Stats [Presumably someone entered this search nearly 300 times to get it on the list?]
28. Brockley East London Line
29. TM2 Brockley
30. Use Class