Geddes Hairdressing and Beauty Salon, 42 Ladywell Road

Brockley Central's approach to getting a hair cut is to wait until the unruliness of our hair intersects with the imminency and profile of our social engagement. Then, we panic and run from our desk in a desperate search for a place near work that will cut our hair immediately, whatever the price.

This is our way of explaining why to-date, there has been no review of Geddes - the Ladywell hairdresser and beauty salon - in spite of our best intentions. However, lots of people have been bigging-it-up in other parts of the site and we can now finally provide a few words of recommendation, courtesy of our wife, who has much nicer hair than we do anyway:

"Geddes is great - it offers a West End-quality service at Ladywell prices. Everyone who I've met there is friendly and knows what they're doing. They use lovely Aveda products and they're open late and on Sundays, which is the kind of flexbility you need for a local service."