Oh no you didn't! ... Oh yes we did!

In search of a bit of festive nostalgia, Brockley Central braved the bright lights of Greenwich last night to enjoy a good old-fashioned Christmas pantomime.

Jack & The Beanstalk is running at the Greenwich Theatre til January 4th, and tickets are selling fast. It's not hard to see why - from the moment the music starts up, the action and gags come thick and fast.

Not being in possession of a little 'un, BC was rather concerned about standing out like a sore thumb, but we needn't have worried; there were plenty of grown ups enjoying the show too. And 'enjoy' is the right word ...

The sets, costumes and special effects definitely have the 'wow' factor, while the soundtrack blends parent-pleasing classics with upbeat tunes to clap along to. Audience participation is definitely encouraged, but (unlike some pantos we recall with horror from our youth) there's no need to worry about being dragged onstage.

Our particular highlight was the opener to Act II - the cast must have put in many hours of rehearsal to get it so spot-on. The merry widow has a nice line in banter (and outfits), and the disco-dancing fairy was another nice touch.

The show lacks X Factor finalists, past-it D-listers and Eastenders actors - and in our opinion, it's all the better for it. The cast have real passion and, dare we say it, talent. This is definitely not a show for the jaded among you - dust down your dancing shoes, leave the credit crunch behind you, and prepare for a night of simple pleasure.

PS. The Greenwich Phantom is also singing the panto's praises.