Brockley Central Drinks IV: Electric Boogaloo

It's been a while, but Brockley's Kate, Jon and Nick cordially invite you to the fourth Brockley Central drinks night:

16th December, 2008 - Jam Circus - 8pm

Apologies for the short notice and for any Christmas parties it may clash with, but it's taken the three of us about four months to agree a date, so we should be thankful for small mercies.

The venue is Jam Circus, because, even if we get relatively few takers, it should still be a good night at what is a consistently good venue.

We still intend to take in Brockley's other attractions at future events.

For those who've not been before, don't worry about cosy cliques or having to share a bag of peanuts with curmudgeonly 'anons', the experience from the previous three nights has been that everyone who actually comes along is lovely.

And for those who have, this time we will be making a proper sign, so hopefully no more of that business of sidling up to people and asking if they're 'with Brockley Central.'

We hope to see as many of you as possible.