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It's that time of year when Google unveils its annual Zeitgeist report - a compilation of their search data - providing such piercing insights as "a lot of people used Facebook in 2008."

Brockley Central uses Google Analytics to measure where traffic is coming from, enabling us to do the same thing, on a local level. So, removing the search terms Brockley Central, Brockley Blog and Brockley Central Blog, this is the 2008 top 30 search terms that brought people to the site, highlighting the eternal struggle in SE4 between the chattering classes (number 3) and the kebab monsters (number 7). Make of this list what you will:

1. Brockley
2. Talbot
3. Chattering
4. Brockley Jack
5. Gogi Brockley
6. Neu
7. Kebab
8. Portland Bookmakers Abbey Wood
9. Brockley Lido
10. Maypole Brockley
11. Jam Circus
12. Degustation Brockley
13. Ladywell Tavern
14. Builder
15. The Shop on the Hill SE4
16. Budgens Crofton Park
17. Dangerous Wickham
18. Society
19. Chai's Garden Restaurant SE4
20. Ecosium
21. Dandelion Blue
22. City Noodles
23. Brockley London
24. Lewisham Gateway
25. Peter James
26. Myatt Garden
27. Brockley Central Love Their Traffic Stats [Presumably someone entered this search nearly 300 times to get it on the list?]
28. Brockley East London Line
29. TM2 Brockley
30. Use Class


The Cat Man said...

interesting. Is it possible to get a comparative list for the same period in 2007 or compare it to a new list in 6 mths time?

Looking at the change in ranking of search terms could be a useful way to measure brockleys regeneration. I.e if item 3 became number 1 or item 7 became number 15 in 6 mths time.

I expect 'posher' search terms to increase as the knowledge of brockleys desirable exsistence transends fringe classes like gay people, media junkies and art students.

Brockley Nick said...

I'll do it annually (see search term 27) to coincide with Google Zeitgeist. I only started measuring the data midway through 2007, so the records don't go back far enough for a true comparison.

The Cat Man said...

great! I'm already looking forward to the analysis in 2009.

Headhunter said...

Some pretty random ones there! "Chattering" number 3? How weird. And "kebab" at number 7 - I mean of all the things that a Google search for "kebab" could bring up, I am surprised that it led so many people to Brockley Central for it to feature. "Brockley Lido", presumably people were looking for Brockwell Park Lido. "Dangerous Wickham" - ????

I'm surprised "Speedicars sign" and "mung bean" haven't featured

Brockley Nick said...

Some of the results are probably heavily affected by the headlines of the articles.

eg: "Brockley's Chattering Classes" and "Would Jacqui Smith Buy a Kebab in Brockley?"

Hugh said...

When did Ecosium become Acquarium? I notice they still have the sham Flintstone decor.

Hugh said...

PS use class.

Anonymous said...

They've also kept the hour waiting time for a coffee...

Anonymous said...

About three months ago. I believe it is now run by the same guys who ran the erstwhile Cafe Blanca in Crouton Park.

It is now the Aquarium, the decor is much the same and it is a better organised.

drakefell debaser said...

Nice to see Gogi is continuing to spark interest. I wonder if the large pictire of Gogi on the window has anything to do with the number of searches it is getting.

Some odd searches though, I typed ‘class use’ into google and got almost 63 million possibilities so perhaps someone was working the night shift.

Anonymous said...

I believe those search terms are ones used in conjunction with words like "brockley" rather than on their own. Not sure what "class use" means but in my experience the amount of times this gets used could be in single digits to get on a Top 30 like this.

Mung Kebab was #31

Brockley Nick said...

Class use relates to commercial properties

It got nearly 300 searches

Richard said...

Almost made the top 10! I use Google Analytics too, it tells me so much for free. My top referrer has actually been this blog, followed by direct traffic, then searches.

Most searchers have specifically been looking for Jam Circus and several for Peter James the butcher. 'Blogger design' crops ups 3 times, with an average of 30min spent on the site, which I guess is nice! One person actually searched for 'Nick Barron Brockley' and spent 10 minutes on the blog!

Nick, if your 30th most searched term got nearly 300 searches alone I'd be interested to know just how many searched for Brockley Central. This site must have a huge amount of hits!

Google Analytics can be addictive, it amazes me to see I have hits from the Phillipines and India, and some of them actually stick around to read something.

Anonymous said...

I heard an interesting story about Gogi.

Apparently he started the Gogi chain of off licences. He went back to Pakistan, leaving behind a large tax bill and died there. Allegedly.

It adds a new dimension to the constant appearnce of his image doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Didn't he get shot? There seemed to be some sort of memorial in the Brockley Road franchise

The Cat Man said...

So basically this Gogi fella collectively conned the british taxpayer. Sounds like such a charming guy.

Brockley Nick said...

Richard, there were 20,664 searches for Brockley Central that led people to this site in 2008. 3113 searched for "Brockley" and ended up here.

If you're getting people to stay on your site for an everage of 30 mins, that is pretty remarkable.

mintness said...

Wot no Meze Mangal?

mintness said...

Incidentally, I don't have this place bookmarked at all, I just Google "Brockley" and pick the second hit every time. I think this means I suck at the Internets.

Richard said...

20,000+ searches! It was only that particular search term that had a 30min average stay time - the overall average is way way lower!

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