Brockley pays it forward

Jeremy: Mark! You've got to toughen up. This is the 21st century. You've seen Mad Max haven't you. That's what's going to happen!

Mark: Mad Max is not necessarily going to happen

Jeremy: Oh sure mate. You live in your Hitchikers' Guide world where you wander around in your dressing gown and have a nice cup of tea.

While the rest of the world contemplates its imminent doom, BC regular Fabhat has noticed that recession has brought out the kinder, gentler side of Brockley's personality. As well as detecting a more positive tone on among the comments on this site [her email pre-dated the return of Fred Vest to these pages], she's experienced the rebirth of chivalry on the streets:

"I've got a new work toy - a trolley to carry my very heavy work portfolios on which is brilliant on the flat, but somewhat challenging to get up and down stairs. In the last two weeks, not once, not twice but almost every time I've been struggling, people at Brockley and St Johns station have been kind and helpful and lifted the trolley or generally been nice about it rather than grumpy about me being slow.

"Anyway - just wondered if there is a new dawn of old-fashioned kindness and so forth now that everyone has no money - and if anyone else had noticed it."

We've never believed that kindness was an old-fashioned value, but we're always happy to relay news of good things happening to good people.

Are there any acts of kindness you want to report?


Brockley Kate said...

Kindness is the best of old-fashioned values: one which never goes out of fashion.

Not Proper Brockley said...

Oddly, my housemate was bringing back an enourmous folded bicycle from Earls Court the other day and said that Brockley Station was the only place on her journey that she was offered help lifting the cumbersome beast. She declined, being all but home, but it just goes to show that Brockley is scientifically the kindest place in London. Fantastic.

On another note - does anyone know what happened at the corner of Vesta Road and Shardeloes the other night that caused it to be shut down for hours?

Anonymous said...

Upon moving to London I was really saddened by the lack of politeness especially in customer-facing roles in shops etc.

I've had some really good service recently though, most recently in fact this morning in Ziman's dentist in Brockley/Crofton. Brilliant place.

Headhunter said...

Brockley Kate - Did you get that from a Hallmark greetings card?

Tamsin said...

Nothing wrong with trite. And as my grandmother used to say "Kindess costes nothing".
Or, if you want to be a bit more self-serving "Jesus Saves: Courtesy Pays" and casting your bread on the waters it might come back buttered.

JPM said...

Jesus saves Nowt, as my old nan used to say. And the only thing that happens if you cast bread on water is it comes back soggy.

Ziman's will just try to flog you new bridgework. And they miss the obvious signs in X-rays.

The Perry Vale clinic is great. (Very good with kids.)

Headhunter said...

Brits do doom, gloom and sarcasm better than acts of kindness and optimism. Let's talk about house price crashes an economic failure.

Le Wankaa said...

Selfishness rocks and greed is good mofos!

JPM said...

The credit crunch is just a glitch. It is going to be over by March.

More worrying though is the impact this has had on the value of my house.

Brockley Kate said...

Jesus saves, Eposito scores on the rebound.

(Can't believe nobody got there before me.)

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

I always liked Jesus saves........
with the Woolwich.

.......with Barclays doesn't have the same ring.

NPB its all about the Vesta Road episode on the Suggest a Topic thread, but they don't know on there what caused it either I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

The Spar (or Best One or whatever it's called now) let my 12 year old stepdaughter off 15p or so when she accidentally overspent in there a couple of weeks back. I know it's not much but I thought that was very kind of them.

mintness said...

Being given some lucky money (aka a wee red envelope with a 10p piece in it) from the couple who run the East West Supermarket yesterday. OK, it's hardly a random or inexplicable act of kindness during the Chinese New Year period, but it jolted me out of my podcast-induced stupor for long enough to dredge up a "kung hei fat choi" from the corner of my brain marked "Blue Peter/Pub Quiz".

tyrwhitt ali said...

When my parents were down for Christmas, the bus driver stopped for us between stops. Mum has a walking stick and we'd given up waiting for the bus so were between stops as it went by - she waved and he stopped for her. Bless.

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