Other people's armpits

Having just been stung by the New Year fare rises and suffered the oh-so-predictable delays thanks to this morning's snow flurries, now seems as good as any to canvass BCers' opinions about our transport services.
In our experience train services from Brockley Station have become notably more crowded over the past year, possibly due to the closure of the East London Line to create our shiny new tube route, or perhaps it's down to that influx of Guardian-reading mung bean eaters. The morning services are operating at full capacity and then some. With another 18 months to go before the London Overground opens, now would be an excellent time for Southern and South-Eastern to schedule a Brockley stop for a few more of those fast trains that rattle past in the mornings.

Possibly even more important, however, is the evening service. No matter what time it is, from about 8pm through to the last train, services from platform 5 of London Bridge are seriously overflowing. There are always some people left behind on the platform, and - apologies to residents of other locations on the same routes - the trains always empty out at Brockley. With half-hour gaps being the norm from mid-evening onwards, this seriously inconveniences a lot of people on a regular basis. Either we need a few more trains to stop at Brockley, or we need double the carriages on existing services.

BC has listened enviously to other locals' tales of services through St John's, Ladywell and Crofton Park, on which that holy grail - a seat! - can regularly be found for anyone who wants one. We're also aware that there's a strong cycling contingent on here, who can be trusted to turn up promptly to express their incredulity that anyone can consider paying astronomical prices to be treated like a sardine.

So are they right? Are Brockley Station's users the most long-suffering in SE4? What's your view of the area's transport services?