Plans for New New Cross Gate Unveiled

The initial concept designs for a major redevelopment of New Cross Gate have been relesaed by Sainsbury's ahead of a public exhibition.

The development, which Cllr Alexander referenced here, is one of the biggest opportunities in the borough and, if done right, could remedy one of the greatest crimes perpetrated on the urban fabric of Lewisham in many years - the set-back Sainsbury's, petrol station and retail sheds which suck much of the life and character out of this end of New Cross.

The initial concept designs will be unveiled properly in a couple of weeks, but brilliantly helpful Telegraph Hill resident Nick, who will soon be writing for c&binet, sent us some scans of a leaflet that was recently posted through his door.

The plan is to create a new streetscape on the approach to a remodelled Sainsbury's. The scheme is in its early stages and we find it hard to tell how well it would work, but we're strongly in favour of creating new "streets" rather than cul-de-sacs, so that's one thing in this plan's favour. What do you think?