The Guardian has been to Brockley and found it to be good

This week, one reader suggested that this blog is all very well but what we really need to do is tell the world how great Brockley is via something like the Guardian.

A while back, we were approached by The Guardian's travel editor to write a piece about Brockley for the relaunch of their "Been There" blog. The site will feature reviews of places by people who live there, in an attempt to give the true flavour of an area. We were asked to be honest, not to gloss over Brockley's flaws and to write it for the person who's never been there before. And we were asked to be concise.

So we wrote something. And now it's live and Brockley is laid bare for all to see. It is the very first entry on the blog.

Due to space restrictions, some places have been missed and the keen-eyed will notice that west Brockley gets little recognition - this isn't a reflection on the area as a place to live, rather on its limited offer for the tourist.

We hope we have done it justice. You can read the article "Brockley begins to wake up" in full here.

We hope, before long, to be able to share more of South East London's delights with the readers of that blog.