Consultation on recreational spaces in Lewisham

Lewisham is asking residents what they think of the provision of recreational space (including parks and other public spaces and sports facilities) in the borough. The form's short and easy to complete and it does ask open questions, as well as multiple-choice, so you can say exactly what you think.

We guess it will help to identify blackspots in terms of provision and also give a clearer understanding of what facilities would most improve people's lives. Of course, it's one thing having the data and another doing anything about it. The promise of a framework for future planning is unlikely to result in anyone building a squash court near you any time soon.

There was quite an interesting discussion on sport provision in the borough here (starting roughly half-way through the comments trail).

From Lewisham Council Press Office:

Lewisham residents are invited to give their views on what improvements they would like made to open spaces, outdoor sports and recreational provision across the borough.

The public consultation, which opened on Monday 22 December, is seeking feedback on parks, natural green-space areas, outdoor sport facilities, provision for children and young people, and allotments. Local people, groups and organisations are encouraged to give their opinion about the quality of the facilities they use at the moment and what their needs are both now and in the future.

The study has been commissioned by Lewisham Council and will be carried out by Strategic Leisure Limited, a management consultancy company specialising in the planning, development, management and evaluation of sport and leisure facilities, services and events.

The consultation will end on Saturday, 31 January with the findings expected to be published at the beginning of April 2009.

The study will provide the Council with a clear framework for planning and future management. It will also provide targets for future improvement and provision, and ensure local needs are met.

Residents can have their say by completing the online questionnaire.