The true meaning of Christmas

Whenever we read this kind of debate about which type of middle-class professional is the most morally reprehensible or would constitute an undesirable addition to Brockley's social status-quo, we are reminded of this article by David Mitchell, ostensibly about Christmas, but actually about tribalism reductio ad absurdum among the middle-classes:

"We British love to judge our close class competitors - people incredibly similar to us and therefore most threatening.

"We're quite tolerant of genuinely different ways of life but, for those very like our own but with just a hint of either the stuck-up or common, we reserve our highest octane vitriol. And Christmas exposes so much of this because it's when families revert to type, do what they've always done: by your traditions you shall be judged."

Not all designers are drug-users, not all financiers are evil, not all social workers are dull.