Predictions for Brockley in 2009

Before 2009 runs out, we thought we'd better get out our predictions for the year.

Like every pundit, we are heavily caveatting all this with the fact that "the world will never be the same again", etc. But then, every boom relies on people thinking that "this time it's different", just as every bust relies on the same belief. We're betting that armageddon will not arrive and the that, while Brockley's course through 2009 will be rocky, the fundamentals will be the real drivers of change. These are:

1. The East London Line
2. The influx of young people that has already settled in Brockley in the last few years

Undeterred by how hopelessly inaccurate our 2008 predictions were (although this one proved prescient), we are plumping for more of the same.

So, reassured by the fact that no-one pulled us up on last year's unfounded optimism, here we go:

1. Brockley Road

One of Brockley's existing retailers will take the plunge and spread their wings on to Brockley Road, near Brockley Station. The demise of the holistic therapy place means that there is now a prime site available and we know that one or two businesses have been looking to expand, despite the credit crunch.

2. The Talbot

Despite the inertia afflicting the pub's revamp, we are not ashamed to say that we have been seduced by the Honor Oak team's can-do spirit and we are predicting that 2009 will see the rebirth of The Talbot. After all, the collapse in property prices means that even with the problems affecting the pub trade, there's little incentive to try and turn the thing in to flats at the moment.

3. Coulgate Street

Coulgate Street will still have a full complement of shops and cafes open for business by the end of the year.

4. The East London Line
The project will progress steadily, with the opening date remaining on course for summer 2010. The government will eventually cough up the funds necessary for the ELL2 extension to Clapham Junction.

5. The Brockley Cross scaffolding yard

We were contacted a few months back by the PR people for this project to turn Martin's Yard in to a new street. They told us to stay tuned because they were about to send us some information about the next stage in the development process. While the silence that followed is ominous and we don't expect any further news for quite some time, we're going to bet that the developers decide to press on with this by the end of 2009.

What at are your predictions for 2009? Will the Rivoli's future be sorted out? Will recession change the face of Brockley? Will we ever get our Turkish patisserie and will the sea container remain?