Aquarium, Harefield Road

Brockley Central always quite liked Ecosium - the bar / restaurant on Harefield Road - but after repeat visits, we understood why some readers were less enthusiastic. The service and eye for detail occasionally let it down.

Recently, Ecosium changed hands, changed its name to Aquarium and introduced a few innovations. Since that time, the feedback has been a lot more positive. Aquarium is the sort of place Brockley needs to do well. So we were delighted to receive this email yesterday:

"My name is Halim and I am the new owner of Aquarium (formerly known as Chez Ecosium).

"I was very interested in reading the comments about the Chez and would like to promote the new restaurant through the Blog. Is it possible to create a new post to add to the reviews page for my restaurant which can help customers re-visit this lovely restaurant?

"We have a new chef with a delicious new bar, lunch and evening menus as well as the quick and friendly service. As a promotion, I would like to offer your blog readers a free bottle of house wine when they have an evening meal with us. It is valid Mondays to Thursdays until April 2009 (see terms and conditions on the voucher)."

We're always happy to help businesses talk to our readers, especially when they're happy to offer customer incentives. So please feel free to take Halim up on his offer (we guess you need to click on the image to enlarge it before printing it off) and also post your reviews of Aquarium here.