Frendsbury Gardens workshops

Goodbye Pincott Place People's Park (that name was so late 90s anyway), hello Frendsbury Gardens.

The west Brockley oasis has been rebranded and to mark the occasion, they are holding some free, informal gardening workshops, where you'll learn how to grow garlic, shallots, potatoes, brussel sprouts, jerusalem artichokes, summer cabbage and beetroot.

The workshop dates are:

January 2009
Saturday 24th and Thursday 29th

February 2009
Saturday 7th and Thursday 26th

March 2009
Saturday 7 and Thursday 26th

Sessions are free and run from 11am - 2pm with refreshments provided. If theweather is terrible they will try to reschedule. Sessions will continue through the summer.

Please call Gareth on 020 8314 2071 to book a place or for more information.

The park is located here. We'll update this article with photos next week.


lb said...

Why this rebranding exercise? What have they got against alliteration of all of a sudden? Or did someone take fright at the word "People's"?

The mind boggles.

The Cat Man said...

Hmm, West Brockley - is that the 'offical' name for the darkside now?

How exciting! Another park to take my cats walking...

yaxu said...

They've been "Frendsbury Gardens" ever since it opened some months ago. The PPPP was just the working name.

It's a nice place although a water leak has been running through the bottom of it for a couple of months now...

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