The 10 most annoying phrases on the internet

The Brockley Central talkback seems to have given birth to a new and irritating internet phrase - the "mung-bean elite": an anachronistic label applied with the wit and precision you'd normally ascribe to Gaunty or Littlejohn.

Obviously, we spend far too much time on the internet, but it prompted us to compile a list of the other phrases we hate. What have we missed?

"Fiat money"

Any GCSE economics student will be able to tell you that the most effective forms of currency are those with no inherent value. But Ron Paul supporters use this term like it's a hallowed secret of the Illuminati that they alone have uncovered.

"ZaNu Labour"

Lacking all sense of perspective? Yes. Clever? No. (See also: Tony Bliar)

"Truth to power"

If there is any phrase more self-righteous than this one, we can't think of it. The people who use it like to imagine themselves sticking it to the man, but it usually just involves shouting down anyone they disagree with.

"Mainstream Media"

It's not 2002 any more. Newspapers and blogs cross reference eachother all the time.

"Spot on Jeremy"

If you think the Top Gear audience is sycophantic, check out the comments that follow his every word on the Times website.

"But who can we vote for?"

This phrase is the new "Enoch was right", left hanging on threads by BNP supporters who believe the answer is obvious...

"The once-proud BBC"

Usually followed by a reference to Civilisation or I Claudius and a threat to tear up their license. The narrative of decline conveniently overlooks the Black and White Minstrel Show and Noel's House Party.

"Eurofags keep your noses out of our business"

It was impossible to read an article about the US Presidential election without someone writing words to this effect. Usually in response to a piece written by someone like Lionel Shriver, Gore Vidal, Michael Tomasky or Irwin Stelzer.

"Lycra-clad terrorists"

Anyone with the temerity to ride a bike to work, thereby reducing congestion on roads and overcrowding on public transport. The bastards.