Brockley Station project delayed

We have just received this statement from Lewisham Council concerning the Brockley Station ramp on Coulgate Street:

A Lewisham Council spokesperson said:

“The proposed work to provide disability access from Coulgate Street to Brockley railway station’s ticket office has had to be suspended.

“There was an initial delay in the Council receiving the licence required from Network Rail to carry out the work and the conditions contained in the final version of the licence were not acceptable. They placed too much financial responsibility on the Council.

“We share the disappointment that local people will feel. However, we are hoping that new licence terms can be agreed so that works can begin this spring.”


BC hopes that the barriers occupying Coulgate Street can be removed in the mean time.


Monkeyboy said...

Sounds very familiar. Financial 'Risk Management' is constantly tripping us up, I expect that NR (or whoever) are ensuring that any delay to the ELL project is taken by Lewishams work. Not unreasonable but can get a little silly - you spend more time arguing about theoretical risk, time you could spend actually doing something.

(appologies if my assumptions are rubbish)

MB said...

...or it could be that they're asking for a huge amount of insurance cover for working so close to the railway?

The Cat Man said...

Im more concerned about lewisham wanting to use cheap material rather than nice posh paving.

So basically, all this grant money that has been received for station improvements has been purely done for 'disabled access' reasons, how much - if any - has Network Rail or Lewisham Council listened to the public and actually awarded grants?

The Council is very typical of labour - liberal only if you agree with them.

Brockley Kate said...

... and a Happy New Year from Lewisham Council. Chuh.

MB said...

Do think we need more facts, may be NR causing the issue. Rail companies are incredibly difficult to work with.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever had success in registering a card so that monthly tickets can be renewed on the machines?

Whenever I try to use the machine to update my season ticket, it says to register my card on the website. I go to register my card on the website and it says that my route doesn't match my photocard.

Of course, the morons on the desk have no idea in what you're talking about and seem to take no interest or passion in there jobs whatsoever, so I join the 15-strong queue to renew on my credit card instead.

Has anyone on here with a brain got an answer?

I see monthly tickets have gone up another fiver also.

Sharky said...

Can't say I'm bothered about this initiative which would've benefitted 1% of the population - far bigger issues to worry about at the moment.

drakefell debaser said...

Anon, If you have an Oyster you can pay by Direct Debit which is easier or use a Newsagent to top it up.

I saw that a zone 1 & 2 travel card is now £99.10. It is daylight robbery for what you get.

I lost my sense of humour with the railways last year and I now take the bus, a monthly pass to anywhere in London is £54. This morning was my first run and it took me 20 minutes to get to work rather than 1 hour by train, I got a seat, no one pushed into me, no one stood on my toes, no one farted near me and I actually arrived at work in good spirits despite it being the first day back.

Viva Arriva or whoever you are.

Wild Bill said...

"no interest or passion in there jobs"

Probably quite hard to get passionate about sitting behind a glass screen all day handing out tickets :)

Anonymous said...

But that's not to say you shouldn't be. If someone has what would seem to be a common problem with the machines outside you should take an interest in resolving that problem for them, rather than sitting there and saying "I dunno innit"... Britain is really going to the dogs over that sort of thing.

Nina said...

Well the barriers have been there for three weeks so I wouldn't be surprised if they stay for another month.

Brockley Kate said...

Does anyone know what the shopkeepers on Coulgate St think of the barriers? Have they affected trade at all?

The Cat Man said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brockley Nick said...

Andy, that's not acceptable comment.

The Cat Man said...

Really? Criky.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

All the barriers were removed when I got back at 2 15. I thought that perhaps they had finished and used such authentic materials that they had managed to recreate the original foot path and ramp to completely auhentic standard, but seems just another big cock up.

I have always found the station staff to be very nice and polite- even at 6 20 when they first open! Perhaps it is only after they have had to deal with surly commuters ( to LB probably not South bounders!) that they lose patience.

The Cat Man said...

I have found all, except one nasty young lady, to be very pleasant.

However, I had a very unfortunate incidence where a young lady working behind the counter couldn't be arsed to swipe my card properly and kept claiming the bank had not authorised it. When I challenged her she became abusive.

I actually complained to the head office about this lady as she even refused to give me her name or employee number (despite being a legal requirement to do) and that apparently I was 'diss-ing her' and that I should treat her with more 'respect'.

Besides the fact that she could not care less about her job, content on reading a book despite people waiting to be served, It was made worse that I successfully went to a cash machine and drew out £100 to prove it worked immediately after the incidence.

I think her 'friends' on the counter next to hers backed her up though so I doubt much action was taken.

It was very upsetting indeed. Me, being me, was furious for the whole day!

Anonymous said...

God I wish I'd been there to see that. Would have made me smile all day.....

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