DLR upgrade works completed this weekend

This weekend is the last scheduled closure of the DLR service to Bank. Services have been disrupted by engineering works to upgrade the line to allow it to handle three-car trains, delivering a 50% increase in the line's capacity.

Transport for London explained in a recent press release:

Three-car operation will be introduced gradually on the Bank-Lewisham route following the completion of the engineering works. DLR has also used the Bank closure to enhance and improve the platforms, lighting and signage at the station.

The investment means that commuters from Lewisham should find their journeys a lot more comfortable and of course allows for greater density of housing in Lewisham, a crucial plank in the Council's regeneration plans.

In other DLR news, Greenwich Council has agreed to a feasibility study for an extension of the service to Kidbrooke and Eltham, although it's most likely that this would be from Woolwich, rather than Lewisham.


patrick1971 said...

A DLR link to Kidbrook and Eltham via Woolwich sounds nice, but I wonder who would use it? It'd be a very roundabout way of getting to either Canary Wharf or central London compared with the existing railway. Still, I guess people said that about the East London Line extension...

mintness said...

DLR to Thamesmead would seem more useful in terms of existing rail links...

Brockley Nick said...

Woolwich will have crossrail, which i guess is where the impetus comes from.

Poor old Thamesmead.

patrick1971 said...

ISTR reading somewhere that there are tunnels at North Greenwich which could facilitate a Jubilee Line extension to City Airport and the Royal Docks, then back under the river to Thamesmead; probably totally off the cards now that the DLR has been extended.

Mb said...

Don't know the economics of it but I'm not sure that digging the tunnels are the expensive part these days. Equiping the varios systems (track, signals, stations etc....) may be the killer. Could be talking shite though

ppp said...

"The investment ...of course allows for greater density of housing in Lewisham, a crucial plank in the Council's regeneration plans."

So because a bit a capacity is added to an already bursting to the seams train service, this is seem as good reason to cram housing into an area.

And clearly none of the people that move into the area will have cars, because of the spangley rail service.

Poor Lewisham, it really needs someone looking for it.

Paul W said...

The Greenwich study into the possibility of the Eltham DLR extension is mainly based on using the proposed Silvertown crossing and then alongside or above the
A102/A2 to Kidbrooke and Eltham

I don't think there's any chance of a DLR extension from Woolwich to Eltham as this would involve climbing over/tunnelling under Shooters Hill.

Eltham does need a better link to East London but the Council's sudden interest may be linked to the forthcoming General Election and trying to save the skin of Eltham MP Clive Efford

neanderthal d said...

It would make sense for the DLR to extend from Lewisham to Beckenham Junction. There would then be a useful interchange with the tram terminus.

Though i reckon that there won't be much investment in new public transport links for a good few years. Reducing the budget deficit and appeasing the "markets" and bankers will take top priority.

Brockley Nick said...

@Paul W - thanks, that's interesting.

@PPP - the other way of looking at it is that if proposals to increase the density of Lewisham were not accompanied by increases in public transport capacity, there would be uproar - and rightly so.

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