Little London at the Brockley Mess

The Brockley Mess' cueB gallery will be showcasing the work of Brockley photographer Toby Allen, from March 3rd - April 8th 2010. They say:

Little London is Toby Allen’s first public exhibition of his unique street photography project . Drawing inspiration from the sights and scenes of London, this project uses a tilt and shift style of photography. His innovative use of this method transforms images of everyday London into a toy town state. All the images on show are printed directly onto acrylic, using the latest techniques and ink technology.

During the project, he has found himself shooting from some of the most iconic buildings in London, from the Tower 42 to City Hall, St Paul’s, the Barbican and Wembley Stadium.

20% of all sales from the exhibition will go towards The National Autistic Society (NAS).


Anonymous said...

If you can't afford Toby's creations, you can turn any landscape photo into the flavour-of-the-month "tilt-shift" toytown style here

hours of fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I didn't realise he was a Brockley-ite! :-) Will there be any sort of opening night party?? ;-)

Tressillian James said...

For tiltshift fans, Uniqlo Japan have had this great moving image free calendar out for the past year or more. The music has been created by Fantastic Plastic Machine

monty said...

Nick, is the image one of yours that you ran thru a tiltshift creator, or one of Toby's? It's bang on - whoever did it!

Brockley Nick said...

Bless you Monty, I don't even know what tilt shift really is, other than it produces pictures a bit like the excellent children's book "Naughty Bus". It's one of Toby's.

Nice though, innit.

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