Railings contribute to Brockley cyclist's death

The South London Press reports that the tragic death of a Brockley woman has prompted Southwark Council to consider the removal of 'safety' railings in Rotherhithe.

It says Nga Diep was killed "when a skip lorry pushed her into railings at the junction of Ilderton Road and Rotherhithe New Road, Rotherhithe. After hitting the railings, the 33-year-old fell under the lorry’s back wheels and suffered massive head and chest injuries."

Local MP Simon Hughes is also quoted as saying:

“I hope the council is positive and speedy in doing something at this junction to remove this danger to cyclists. The railings should be moved to make sure cyclists can leave the road in emergencies.”

Brockley Central has argued for years that similar railings on Brockley Road should be removed after studies have shown that these safety measures can actually make our roads less safe, trapping cyclists and pedestrians, encouraging people to vault them and drivers to speed up because they send the signal 'this road belongs to you.' Across London, Councils are ripping out safety railings in response to the mounting evidence against their use in many situations.

When Council officers and the Deputy Mayor recced the area with us in 2008, they acknowledged that the railings wouldn't be installed today if they didn't already exist. On a recent follow-up visit with the Brockley Cross Action Group, the Deputy Mayor reiterated her view that the question of their removal should be a priority.

Our sincere condolences go to the family of Nga Diep. We hope that Lewisham Council takes action to improve the safety of the roads around Brockley Cross as soon as possible.