Guest Column: Vote Tommy Franzen this Saturday

By Emma Coombes, local resident

I’ve noticed over the past week or so there’s been a fair amount of discussion celebrating the strong artistic and dance community based in the Brockley area. So therefore I thought it would be of interest to all BC readers that a dancer who lives on Ladywell Road, Tommy Franzen, has made it to the semi-finals of BBC 1’s Saturday night show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!

So far, he’s been a judge’s favourite and is strongly supported by the professional dance community and his friends at the Arch climbing wall in London Bridge, who have been working so hard to drum up support for him. But he’s now up against stiff competition as, unlike the other dancers, Tommy is from Sweden and has no UK-based family or roots.

With the climbing and dance communities rallying hard for him, as a Brockley resident I thought it might be good to alert BC readers to see if I can get a little bit of Brockley support going for him too!
Tommy is a professional dancer who has worked in a wide field ranging from hip-hop dance theatre and harness work to films and music videos.

He turned down the chance to appear in Cirque Du Soleil to appear as a dancer in Mamma Mia – The Movie as well as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. At the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Handover Ceremonies in 2008, Tommy not only danced but also assisted the choreographer.

Tommy is a truly amazing dancer, so, if you’re proud of Brockley’s artistic reputation, please vote for Tommy – BBC 1 Saturday night 7.05pm!


Blue sky said...

Yay! I've only watched this programme a couple of times but I really warmed to Tommy - now I know he's a Brockleyite I might actually be compelled to vote!

Anonymous said...

I ain't wasting me money.

Tat said...

A real star in Brockley.

No X factor style groupies hanging around scaring the locals as yet I take it?

I'll be voting.....Go Tommy!?

Bah humbug said...

He may well be the pick of the bunch but it all looks a bit dull and pointless to me. Very little of the creative flair and none of the spectacle that makes a big dance group like Diversity worth watching.

gloria said...

Sorry - wish we could vote, but we're watching the show from abroad.

We're rooting for Tommy, as he is genuinely gifted, adaptable, a real all rounder with an abundance of charm and good humour.

Gloria & Co. from Brussels

Anonymous said...

Wooooo hooooo!Tommy's through to the final next Saturday! Just incredible dancing and an inspired solo performance. Thank you so much to any Brockleyites who took the time (and money) to vote and support him. Tommy to win!

Anonymous said...

But he's a professional dancer,didn't he turn down work to go on this show.

fred said...

to Bah Humbug: he is a much, much better dancer than anyone in diversity. They cannot touch him even in hip hop, let alone other styles. Tommy is amazingly creative, fusing together breaking & contemporary for example. But i agree, if you're idea of dance is people wearing red hats that look like buzzers, then tommy ain't the boy for you.

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