Organic gardening sessions at Frendsbury Gardens

Brockley Central has had enough of winter. The snow wasn't snowy enough to earn us a day off work but more than enough to double our commuting time, the cold has been incessant and there have hardly been any blue sky days to break the gloom. We think we may have killed a houseplant by exposing it to the open air for 12 hours too.

So we're pleased to see that Frendsbury Gardens is gearing up for spring with a new calendar of free gardening classes, from 11am – 2pm. They are:

Sat 27 Feb: Sowing seeds - start organic gardening
Organic gardening - Q&A. Tools identification, safe use and care.
Seed sowing practical. What are you going to grow? (6 less common vegetables). How are you going to grow? (6 ways). Questions

Sat 6 Mar: Design an organic garden - everything you need to know
Aspect, water conservation, lawn care (practical), composting (practical). Questions.

Sat 13 Mar: Pond and wild flower planting (family friendly, drop-in session) 11am – 4pm
Pop in during the day when we will be planting up the new pond with aquatic plants such as Soft rush and Arrowhead. We will also plant the surrounding area with wildflower seed and plug plants such as Ragged Robin and Wild Carrot.

Thurs 18 Mar: Weeds - tackle them the organic way
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - biological, cultural and chemical. Weed identification (practical) - bring in a weed from your garden (root as well).

Thurs 1 Apr: Garden pests & diseases - deal with them the organic way. Grow your own floral bouquets. Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Pest & disease identification. Flowers for cutting.

Sat 24 Apr: Make a hanging basket with a difference (family friendly)
A mixed edible and non-edible plants. All materials provided. Booking essential.

Please call Gareth on 020 8314 2071 or email for more information or to book a place.